Mint Aromatherapy Shower Tablet

Mint Aromatherapy Shower Tablet

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Turn your shower time into spa time!!

Combine the steam from your shower with our Mint Shower Tablets and experience openness. Enjoy the luxurious aromatic escape of a bath with the timeliness of a shower. 

Our effervescent Shower Tablets are packed with essential oils that will help you be and remain your best free, clear, and focused self.

Essential Oils Used:

-Rosemary is excellent for promoting clarity.

-Peppermint is excellent for emotionally and spiritually uplifting the heart and mind. And it helps to remove stress, pain, sadness, and fear.

-Eucalyptus works to free your mind and helps to regain balance.

Directions: Place a shower tablet onto your shower floor (out of the direct flow of water) and take some deep breathes and relax as your shower tablet fizzes -  releasing the power of essential oils.

Each tablet weighs 3.75-4 ounces. Good for 1-2 showers (10-15 min).  

DO NOT use in bathtub, intended for shower use ONLY. For external use ONLY!