Lavender Aroma Mist



Packaging : 4 fl. oz cobalt blue glass bottle with atomizer spray pump.

We all know that it's known for its calming and healing benefits, and it's pure aroma that is floral yet earthy. Lavender is one the most versatile and highly regarded essential oils and that's why we had to add this to our wonderful line of products. Mist your pillows before resting. Allow this mist to saturate your area giving it a feel of ambiance and relaxation. Remember, you deserve it. Also available in Aromatherapy Shower Tablets.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Denatured Alcohol, Essential Oils of Lavender and Tea Tree.




How to Use:  Shake well and spray. Aroma Mist can be used to spray your atmosphere, linen, yoga mat, and even yourself (please avoid spraying sensitive areas). FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.