Winter Weather and Dry Skin

Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary on Oct 30th 2015


Let’s Talk About Cold Air and Dry Skin

Hi guys!! I hope all is well with each of you that are reading this blog post.My goodness... It’s hard to believe that summer is over and colder weather is definitely on it’s way. I woke up this morning to check the temp..and needless to say is a low 40 degrees here in TN..I rushed to my thermostat and boosted that baby up to knock the chill off our home!! This is the time for dry and itchy skin to make its appearance...Eczema and psoriasis issues are heavy during this time of year too. It’s the time of the year where those cute leggings make your legs itch like crazy because our skin is sooo dried out!! So, I want to share some tips on how to combat some of the skin issues that surround the colder months…

During the winter months when the air is cold and dry, the water in our skin evaporates quicker than in the warmer months. We experience tight, dry, itchy skin that drives us crazy. This then triggers us to buy every type of lotion on the market that says it’s for “dry, itchy skin” all for it not to work. We boost those thermostats up leaving the air in our home drier too. Yep, our skin is drying out quicker than the Mojave Desert!!

So here are some easy tips to help your skin stay soft and supple.

Use Lukewarm water NOT Hot water
Yep - I know, I know...I love hot showers too...but my skin does not!! When we use hot water on our skin, it washes away the natural, protective oils that we produce leaving our skin feeling tight and dry. Another component to shower taking is to...limit your time in the shower...the longer you are in...the more it robs your skin of moisture.

Stop Using Soap
Man, there’s nothing like a good lather, right??? Wrong!! We need to ditch the soap….I know some of you are like..”Say what?” LOL...let me break this down for you. Most soaps contain sulfates and we all know these chemicals are notorious for stripping away oils. Sulfates are degreasers. Just think of the anatomy of our creates oil on its own...Why?? Because we NEED them..Our skin should never feel squeaky clean. We should only use soap in the places that could potentially become smelly….you know, like your armpits, feet and other places...I’m sure you get the point. Rather than use soap on your skin, implement a moisturizing scrub to exfoliate that dead skin away and keep it moving!! Say hello Hydration!!

Be Gentle With Your Skin
We've been conditioned to rub our skin dry with these thick towels after a bath or shower. Your skin is literally cursing you every time you do this. Be gentle with your skin - pat your skin dry or simply use a damp wash cloth to wipe away excess water and wrap the towel around you, especially if you are a little chilly afterwards.

I can't say this enough. We should always make it a point to moisturize with a quality moisturizer,within 2 minutes after bathing or taking a shower...pores are open and we are able to receive the nutrients from our moisturizer. Choose your moisturizer safely. Look at the ingredients. Moisturizers that contain mineral oil, typically sit on top of the skin to only mimic the "feel" of being hydrated when in truth it smothers the skin and does not allow it to breath. Petroleum jelly does the coats the skin leaving the skin greasy and far from being moisturized.

Seal Your Skin!!
Yes!! Sealing your skin simply means applying a butter or an oil to your skin after you've moisturized. This will form a protective layer on your skin and help keep the moisture from your moisturizer in your skin and out of the atmosphere. This step will lead to longer periods of hydrated skin.

And finally....

Get a Humidifier ...
Humidifiers add moisture to the air helping the skin to maintain its glow and radiant appearance. Not only is it great for the skin...but it’s works wonders for our sinuses too!

These are tips that my family and I practice that work well for us. If you know of any other tips that ward off dry skin...please put them in the comments sections!!

Have A Great Day!!