Spring Clean Your Soul

Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary on Feb 29th 2016

I opened the door this morning and I was greeted so lovingly with the beautiful rays of sunshine. I couldn't resist the need to go outside so I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I grabbed my cup of coffee and stood on the front porch and took it all in. The weather is really beginning to look and feel like spring time.As a gardener, this time of year, is what we can't wait for.

My husband and I planted some Asiatic lilies a few years ago, so I took a walk down to where they live. As I got a little closer I could see the green life emerging from the dead leaves but as I gently moved the old, dead, lifeless debris from on top of it, I could really see the new growth.

Let's me take this observation a bit further and I want you to think of yourself as that Asiatic lily that is blooming right now. The old, dead, lifeless debris will represent negative relationships, bad habits, stinking thinking, clutter, bitterness, resentment, fear, etc. 

March is the month when we notice flowers budding, farmers start planting various vegetables, the chirps from the birds seem louder than before....ahhhh new life. This is perfect time to clean our soul, as well as, declutter our homes to allow positive flow. I challenge you to go on this journey with me as we use to the month of March to look inward and really take time each day to nurture our soul and rid ourselves of the things that weigh us down.

I will post on my Instagram page suggestions of ways to Spring Clean Your Soul each day. I would love to hear about how you have decided to SELF inspect yourself and if it was beneficial in helping you to get back to your roots.

I will be doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY...

Here are the contest rules.

1) Follow Divine Purity on Instagram.

2) Comment how you decided to Spring Clean Your Soul

3) Use hashtags #springcleanyoursoul on your posts

For those who actively participate in the 31 Days of Spring Clean Your Soul and tell about it each day. They will be entered in for a drawing to receive our Limited Edition Spring Clean Your Soul Gift Set (pics to come soon).

Tomorrow is March 1st...it's time to get our souls in order.