Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary on Mar 11th 2018

I dealt with a situation recently, and it left me feeling a little out of sorts. A very dear friend of mine stopped speaking to me all of a sudden. I replayed conversations over and over in my mind to … read more

Stress-less During The Holidays

Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary on Nov 12th 2017

Have you ever noticed during the holidays season is when most get sick? It's this time of the year when stress levels are high, and our immune systems are low. It's much easier to neglect ourselves wi … read more

Spring Clean Your Soul

Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary on Feb 29th 2016

I opened the door this morning and I was greeted so lovingly with the beautiful rays of sunshine. I couldn't resist the need to go outside so I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I grabbed m … read more

The Benefit of Pure Moisture

Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary/Owner of Divine Purity on Nov 2nd 2015

Hello everyone!! I pray that you are awesome. I wanted to give you guys an overview of Pure Moisture and some of it's benefits and uses. So, I'll dive right in.Pure Moisture is our moisturizing b … read more

Winter Weather and Dry Skin

Posted by Cassandra Tucker, Visionary on Oct 30th 2015

Let’s Talk About Cold Air and Dry SkinHi guys!! I hope all is well with each of you that are reading this blog post.My goodness... It’s hard to believe that summer is over and colder weather is defini … read more