Say hello to our uplifting and rejuvenating trio! Do you need your mind clear and free of clutter? Do you need reduce stress, fear, or anxiety? Well if so, this is for you!

This bundle includes a Minty Aroma Mist, An Aromatherapy Shower Tablet, and a nasal inhaler!!

All three are packed with essential oils that will help you be and remain your best free, clear, and focused self.

-Rosemary is excellent for promoting clarity.
-Peppermint is great for emotionally and spiritually uplifting the heart and mind. And it helps to remove stress, pain, sadness, and fear.
-Eucalyptus works to free our mind and helps to regain balance and focus.

Wow!! Talking about a dynamic trio!!

Most purchase these for sinus issues but when you dig into the emotional aspect of these babies...they are mood and life-altering.

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