Mantra Candle


Fragrance: Vanilla + Sandalwood + Amber

The Mantra is one of our best selling candles. The melodic blend of vanilla, amber, cedar, and sandalwood creates a sense of balance and oneness; and is perfect for burning during moments of reflection, prayer, and meditation.

Also available in a Spray that can be used for your linen, yoga mat, or as an air freshener.


This candle can be burned for it's wonderful aroma but it also doubles as a massage oil candle.


Directions Using As A Massage Candle: Light candle, wait 10 minutes for a pool of warm oil to form. Blow out candle, pour warm oil in your hand and use as a moisturizing oil. The oils should feel warm, but not hot. The candle will re-harden for you to reuse again.  


Burn Time: 40+ Hours