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The Divine Experience Collection

We want you to experience Divine Purity like never before. The melodic combination of these 3 products together will captivate your mind, promote healing to your body and nourishment to your soul, by way of pure and simple ingredients. Our customers who really love aromatherapy enjoy the mind stimulating fragrances from the essential oils. We have a select group of customers who have said that these products together have helped overall with their eczema and psoriasis. Then there are our customers who just love the way it makes them feel from the outside in. 

 Our Divine Experience Collection Includes:

(1) 2 oz. or 8 oz. Raw Sugar Scrub (Step 1)

(1) 2 oz. or 8 oz. Daily Hydrating Lotion (Step 2)

(1) 2 oz. or 8 oz. Pure Moisture After Shower Spray (Step 3)


How to Use: 

Step 1: Use the Exfoliating Raw Sugar Scrub on your body while wet. Scoop out your desired amount using the bamboo spoon that is included with your scrub. Please be careful not to introduce water to your container of raw sugar scrub as this does not contain a preservative. Rub your hands together than apply to skin using a circular motion until it's broken down and it takes on a lotion like consistency, then rinse.

Step 2: Use a damp washcloth to wipe away excess water. Apply Daily Hydrating Lotion while you are still damp.

Step 3: This is an important step especially for those who have severely dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. Seal in your moisture with our Pure Moisture After Shower, Bath and Body Oil. Pump Oil into your hands, rub together and apply to your skin. This helps your skin to stay moisturized longer throughout the day.


Our 2 oz sample collection will give you a feel of what works for you and your skin type.


Available in Lemongrass, Lavender, Hemp, and Unscented (natural fragrance)

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