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Directions: Place a shower tablet onto your shower floor (out of the direct flow of water) and take some deep breathes and relax as your shower tablet fizzes -  releasing the power of essential oils.

Each tablet weighs 3.75-4 ounces. Good for 1-2 showers (10-15 min).


Minty Decongestant - Made with essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and menthol crystals. This combination is sure to help you with any congestion AND if you need a quick wake me up in the morning...this one is the one for you. Available in Therapeutic Aroma Mist.


Citrus Burst - Made with essential oils of Sweet Orange and Litsea Cubeba (May Chang). This dynamic duo is instrumental in promoting clarity and concentration. Both essential oils are known for combating depression and fatigue. Available in Therapeutic Aroma Mist.


Lavender - Made with essential oil of Lavender. Lavender is known for promoting sleep and for its calming effects. This is a perfect way to simmer down from a long day. Available in Therapeutic Aroma Mist. 




Do not use in bathtub, intended for shower use ONLY. For external use ONLY!

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